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Two Canine Cancer Clinical Trials Now at CARES

Continuing Education

Evaluation of a Novel Adjuvant Therapy for Canine Hemangiosarcoma Patients Treated with Chemotherapy

This study is exclusive to the Cancer Center at CARES. It evaluates the use of a novel agent used in addition to standard chemotherapy treatment. We hope to evaluate the effects of this treatment on quality of life, remission, and survival.

  • Enrolled patients will receive standard chemotherapy treatment in addition to the study treatment or a placebo, which will be given once daily in food at home. This is a double-blinded study.
  • Patients must have a confirmed diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, and the tumor must be surgically removed. All patients are required to undergo standard staging prior to enrollment (blood work, urinalysis, thoracic imaging, and abdominal ultrasound). Treatment must be started within 3 weeks of surgery.
  • Covered costs include the study treatment agent (a nutraceutical) and financial compensation to cover some of the staging diagnostics that are standard for hemangiosarcoma patients and required for the study. Financial benefits are approximately $500 of paid costs in addition to the possibility of receiving the study treatment for free. Other benefits include the possibility of improved quality of life and survival.

Clinical Advancement of RNA-transfected CD40-B Cell Vaccine Technology for Cancer Therapy

  • This study is performed in collaboration with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania to determine whether vaccinations with a vaccine made from a patient’s own immune cells can prevent relapse of lymphoma when given following a standard 19-week course of chemotherapy.
  • Candidates must have a confirmed diagnosis of B- or T-cell lymphoma (tested at enrollment) and cannot receive chemotherapy or steroids prior to start of the treatment protocol. Candidates will be staged, and necessary samples will be taken prior to treatment, then patients will be treated with a standard-of-care chemotherapy protocol at CARES. After completion of chemotherapy, re-staging will be performed to determine remission status and eligibility for the cancer vaccine study. Eligible patients will receive a series of vaccines at Penn to hopefully prevent relapse or recurrence of disease. This is the second study to assess this treatment strategy, and it was generally well tolerated in the first study.
  • Costs are covered for re-staging procedures at the completion of chemotherapy, for the making of the tumor vaccine, and for the vaccine treatments.

Please speak with your primary care veterinarian to see if your pet is a good candidate for these trials.  You may also call (215) 750-2774 or email for more detailed information or to schedule an initial consultation with the Cancer Center at CARES.