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Thoracoscopic Surgery at CARES Gives New Pup a Chance at a Healthy Life

Margrit and Dutchess

Dutchess was a seemingly normal and healthy Labrador retriever puppy. But, when she was weaned from her mother and started solid food, her owner began to notice something alarming. She would throw up her food and was not gaining weight, like her littermates. After her owner could no longer care for her, thankfully Dutchess came into the care of Margrit Sommer of Royce’s Rescue in Richboro. At three months old and just 10 pounds, Dutchess’ family veterinarian discovered she had a vascular ring anomaly; an abnormal positioned blood vessel that causes a restriction on the esophagus above the heart. This condition would not allow solid food to pass through her esophagus. It was recommended she go to CARES, in Langhorne for specialized care.

Margrit met with CARES’ board certified veterinary surgeon, Dr. David Puerto and it was decided that Dutchess would undergo minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery. Dr. Puerto identified the narrowing of the esophagus with a scope in her chest.   He isolated and separated the abnormal vessel and relieved the constriction. Dutchess made an excellent recovery from her surgery.

Dutchess on the farm

Although Dutchess still needs to eat very small meals at a time, she is thriving, growing and living happily on the farm with Margrit! “CARES is absolutely wonderful in every way,” says Margrit. “They really do care! This is the only place I’ll go!”

Minimally invasive surgery decreases post­operative pain, reduces stress, reduces infections, and allows shorter hospital stays and more rapid recovery.

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