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Sarah Turely

Sarah Turely

School Experience/Credentials: Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University

The most rewarding thing I find about my veterinary career is taking care of a critically ill patient that walks out of the hospital and goes home to his/her loved ones.

Many people may not know this about me but I must have a male orange domestic shorthair in my life!

People often refer to me as empathetic, compassionate, and dedicated.

When I am not at CARES, you can find me, you’ll find me in the kitchen (if I’m lucky) baking or outside gardening. Otherwise, I’m chasing after three little Turley boys!

My human and furry family consists of my husband, our three rambunctious boys, Elsey the Norwegian Elkhound, Niro the Blue Nose Pitbull, Hazel the Rottweiler, Rollo the Maine Coon, and Rory the orange domestic shorthair.