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Michelle Murphy

Emergency Nurse
Michelle Murphy

What I find most rewarding about my veterinary career… is getting to work with animals every day of the week. There is never a moment that I am not smiling when I am at work!

My most memorable veterinary moment is when… I got to scrub into my first surgery here and help Dr. Darrin with a back surgery.

Most people may not know this about me… I love to just stay at home cuddled up with my dog and watch movies and eat snack food (not so healthy ones!) 🙂

People often refer to me as… Murphy (my last name) or the saver of all animals. I like to rescue strays that need a loving home!

I am really great at… taking care of animals and making sure that they have whatever they need and giving them the best care possible.

When not at cares you can find me… at the skating rink (roller skating). I love to shuffle skate!

My human and furry family consist of… my mom, brother, and my furbabies are Khloe (Pitbull), Stitch (Feline) and Opal (Feline).