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Jamie Higgins

Oncology Nurse
Jamie Higgins

I’m currently at Manor College for veterinary technology. While I’ve completed my classes for veterinary technology, I am continuing my education in practice management. I’m very excited to be able to sit for my VTNE in March!

The most rewarding thing I find about my veterinary career is working in the Cancer Center. I love getting to build a relationship with our patients and see their progress as they continue with treatments.

Many people may not know this about me but my family and I have fostered over 300 newborn kittens over the years.

When people found out how old I am, they often call me a youngster since I just turned 21 in January.

When I am not at CARES, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, especially in the warmer months. I love spending time at the beach!

My human family consists of my mom, dad and my older sister. My furry family is made up of a Chihuahua, four cats, a turtle, a tortoise, and a few tanks of fish.