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Dentistry and Oral Surgery

We offer a complete range of dental services for your pet, led by our board-­certified veterinary dentistry specialist.

Board-Certified Veterinary Anethesiologist

All of our dentistry and oral surgery patients are anesthetized by a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist. CARES is the only private referral hospital that offers this very important service.

Diagnostic Imaging

Dentistry cannot be practiced without proper diagnostic imaging. We offer a state-of-the-art range of imaging technologies, all on site.

Mouth and Jaw Cancer Surgery

Oral cancer is common among dogs and cats. If diagnosed early, surgery can often provide a cure for most types of cancers, and most surgery can be performed with minimal compromise of function and quality of life.

Jaw Fracture Management

Veterinary dentists have expert knowledge of how teeth fit together which is critical in repairing complex jaw fractures. Many facial trauma patients also have injuries to the teeth that need to be addressed. Most fractures can be repaired through non-invasive techniques, but we also have the expertise to perform more advanced techniques, such as titanium mini-plates, when needed.

Palate Surgery

We perform many different types of flaps and grafts in patients with congenital and traumatic defects of the hard and soft palate. Palate surgery is very technique sensitive and often requires more than one procedure for a successful outcome. However, in patients where surgery is not an option or in which previous therapy has been less successful, custom-made prosthetics can be fabricated to obstruct the defect.


Endodontic procedures such as standard root canal therapy, surgical root canal therapy or vital pulp therapy can be performed to save important teeth which in the past would have otherwise had to have been extracted. Teeth in which root canal treatments have been performed cary a very high success rate (95%) and are designed to last for the entirety of the animal’s life.


We treat periodontitis in a variety of ways, including professional cleanings, surgical extractions, root planing and subgingival curettage, periodontal flap surgery, and guided tissue regeneration and bone grafting. Periodontitis is the most commonly diagnosed disease of dogs and cats, and can have negative effects on overall health. Common signs may include bad breath, gingivitis, tartar accumulation, gum recession, bone loss, pocket formation and mobile teeth.

Prosthodontics and Restoratives

In certain instances pets can benefit from the creation of a custom-fitted cast metal crown after standard root canal therapy has been performed. The cast metal crown creates an additional barrier to protect the inside of the tooth from infection, and adds strength and protection to the remaining portions of the natural tooth. These types of services are often offered to police dogs, service animals, and hunting breeds.


Though animals do not require a perfect bite, they do deserve a comfortable, pain-free bite. Orthodontic therapy may include genetic counseling, bite evaluations, orthodontic appliances, crown reductions and selective extractions.


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Carlos Rice, DVM, DAVDC
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