CARES IS ALWAYS OPEN! If you are having a pet emergency please call or visit. 215-750-2774 Directions

Critical Care

The Critical Care service at CARES provides 24 hour emergency and intensive care for your companion 365 days a year.Our hospital is staffed with two board certified emergency & critical care specialists, a team of dedicated full time emergency clinicians, and experienced technicians led by emergency and critical care specialty certified experts.

Services We Provide at CARES:

Rapid Assessment and Stabilization: We provide quick assessment and stabilization of a pet’s condition.

Intensive Care: Patients in the ICU receive a human level of critical care, monitoring and management.

Supportive Care: Our supportive care provides fluid therapy, oxygen support, blood products and medications as needed.

Monitoring: Our highly skilled nurses are here to monitor your pet’s comfort, heart rate, respiratory rate and effort, and temperature. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to assess heart rhythms, blood pressure, and oxygenation.

Diagnostics: Our in-house laboratory allows immediate assessment of electrolyte balance, organ function, and overall health status. When appropriate, we also have an in-house reference laboratory during normal business hours to provide more extensive services.

Emergency Surgery: We have the ability to perform life saving emergency surgical procedures, including but not limited to the removal of foreign material from the gastrointestinal tract, C-sections, treatment for bloat or ruptured abdominal masses, wound repairs and more. Our anesthesia team consists of specially trained individuals led by our board certified anesthesiologist.