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The cardiology service at CARES specializes in treating animals at all stages of heart disease. Some pets, for instance, have no symptoms at home but a veterinary examination noted a heart murmur, irregular heartbeat or extra heart sound. Other pets have a known history of heart disease, or have signs or symptoms of heart disease or heart failure. The most common signs of heart failure are cough and difficult or rapid breathing.

Diseases we commonly treat include:

  • Chronic Valve Disease (CVD)
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)
  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (RCM)
  • Unclassified Cardiomyopathy (UCM)
  • Arrhythmias
  • Congestive Heart failure
  • Syncope/Collapse episodes
  • Cough
  • Respiratory diseases

Our Cardiology Services


This is a non­invasive evaluation of the heart size and function.


ECG/EKG allows us to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart including heart rate and rhythm, and to diagnose irregular heartbeat/arrhythmias.

Holter and Event monitoring

This is used to monitor heart rate/rhythm at home over longer periods of time. It is a useful tool to determine incidence of arrhythmias and to rule in/out arrhythmias as the cause of collapse episodes.

Thoracic Radiographs

These radiographs (x­rays) are used to evaluate the cause of breathing difficulty and allow us to evaluate heart size, lungs, and pulmonary vessels.

Blood Pressure Evaluation


Pre­Breeding Evaluations

We offer OFA cardiac clearances with color flow doppler.


Mon - Th
9AM - 4PM

Team Members

Megan King, VMD, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

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