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Pawsitively Caring Helps One Family Provide Life Saving Surgery for Their Sweet Kitty


Jax is a very loving and friendly Bengal mix who loves attention. But, when this sweet kitty began to isolate himself, his family began to worry. “There was something a bit off about his behavior,” says Jax’s mom Jessica. “He wasn’t coming around much and he was urinating outside his litter box. Then, suddenly one day in a matter of hours he got so much worse. It looked like he was in excruciating pain.”

Jessica took Jax to CARES where he was diagnosed with a urethral obstruction. In Jax’s case, a large volume of gritty sediment was obstructing his urethra, making him unable to urinate. After Jax’s bladder was flushed, more sediment remained and that’s when the CARES doctors told Jessica that Jax would require surgery to widen his urethra (known as perineal urethrostomy or PU).

“I broke down in tears when I heard what needed to be done to help Jax,” says Jessica. “I was aware of the cost and I knew I didn’t have the money to help him. That’s when I learned about Pawsitively Caring.” The doctors and nurses at CARES worked to see how they could help Jax with CARES’ own charitable foundation.

Pawsitively Caring, is a non-profit 501c3 run entirely by CARES volunteers. The purpose is simple: to ensure that dog and cat owners with critical financial need are able to provide lifesaving veterinary care for their pet. The program has raised thousands of dollars to help these families. 100% of proceeds from Pawsitively Caring go directly to help pets in need. There are no administrative costs associated with this charitable fund. After it was determined that Jessica was eligible for the program, she was able to get Jax the surgery he needed. “It was a blessing,” adds Jessica. “You don’t run across a lot of kind people who are willing to do that for others. The doctors and staff at CARES are there for you, and supportive and they literally did everything they could possibly do for Jax.”

Now, Jax is back to his old self, running around the house and acting like a kitten! “This program is so important,” says Jessica. “If itwasn’t for Pawsitively Caring, we would have lost our family member.”

Pawsitively Caring exists because of donations from pet loving community members like you! If you would like to donate to this amazing program, through the Veterinary Care Foundation click here.

Jax and his daughter Mia

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