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Donna Steckley of CARES Receives One of PVMA’s Highest Honors

Donna Steckley of CARES has been named Practice Manager of the Year by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA). The award honors a PVMA member who has shown excellence and leadership in the field of practice management in the last year. The award was bestowed at the PVMA’s 2018 Hall of Fame Luncheon in Hershey, […]


Integrative Medicine for Our Pet Cancer Patients

Integrative medicine involves the use of evidence-based, complementary practices for the treatment of veterinary cancer patients. These are treatments given in addition to standard-of-care treatments and therapies. Integrative medicine takes a whole body approach to treatment. It considers environment, diet, exercise, supplements, and non-traditional treatments that can improve a patient’s quality of life. We still […]


7 Warning Signs of Heart Failure in Your Pet and What You Can Do to Help

Heart disease is common in our pet population. While heart disease and the mention of heart failure can be frightening, my goal as a board certified veterinary cardiologist with CARES is not to scare pet owners, but to educate them. We want clients to understand what is happening with their pet, what signs and symptoms […]


Vote for Eli! American Human Hero Dog Awards

Every dog has its day, and one four-legged local is hoping that day will come for them on September 29 at the eighth annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards® in Beverly Hills. Eli, a 12yr old mixed breed from Feasterville, PA will be competing against 265 other courageous canines for the nation’s highest honor recognizing […]


Prevent Chocolate Toxicity in Your Pet

Not all chocolate is created equal.  So, this Valentine’s Day, prevent chocolate toxicity in your pet by following these helpful tips from CARES. The emergency veterinarians at CARES in Langhorne want to warn pet owners to keep pets away from chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Dr. Suzanne Dempsey, Medical Director, urges families to know the facts […]


Cat Born with Congenital Issue Receives Help at CARES

Melon the cat has a lot to be thankful for lately. After being tied to a bush and left to die, she was rescued by a loving family who would nurse her back to health. Among her heart disease, lung disease other health conditions, it was discovered that Melon was born without eyelids.   Her new […]


Summer Health Watch for Pets

Warm Weather Raises Risk for Leptospirosis For Dogs and their Owners Summer is here! For many people, that means enjoying the great outdoors. While splashing around in your favorite lake this season or running through sprinklers in your backyard, dog owners should be aware of a potentially fatal bacteria that is more common this time […]


6 Things to Know Before Your Pet Has Anesthesia

Anesthesia in general is a very safe procedure for pets. This is particularly true when you have properly trained anesthesia staff and appropriate monitoring equipment handling your pet’s care. As a dedicated board certified anesthesiologist at CARES, I get lots of great questions from pet parents who are concerned about anesthesia for their pet. So, […]


Surviving Two Types of Pet Cancer with Help From CARES

Jackson is one lucky dog. He has been a happy, fun-loving Golden Retriever that his family loves beyond limits. He lives in beautiful Pennington, NJ, enjoying the great outdoors with his family. He loves to go on walks and is a constant loyal companion. Now, he is a two-time cancer survivor. Jackson’s first bout with […]


Continuing Education

Caring for a pet with cancer: Nutrition
Nutrition plays an important role in a cancer patient’s overall health and fitness. In general,...
Caring for a pet with cancer: Quality of life
Our two primary goals are to give our patients the best possible life quality for as long as we...
Caring for a pet with cancer: How do I know if my pet is in pain?
Admittedly, it’s harder in pets. They can’t tell us what’s wrong, but we can observe...
Two Canine Cancer Clinical Trials Now at CARES
Evaluation of a Novel Adjuvant Therapy for Canine Hemangiosarcoma Patients Treated with...
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