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More…Great Days

The staff at CARES, made up of veterinary specialists, technicians and other veterinary professionals work every day to provide the pets and parents who walk through our doors with More Great Days. Over the next few months, we will be showcasing stories from real CARES clients who have entrusted us with their fur-babies. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to sign up below for emails highlighting clients and their pets.

More…Fun Walks

Zara, a very energetic and snuggly Miniature Pinscher who adores food and walks, was introduced to the CARES family at only six months old. After breaking her front leg, Zara’s mom, Melissa, who previously had a great experience with CARES, brought her in immediately. Thanks to CARES remarkable service, great communication and undeniable love for animals, Zara was cared for and made a full recovery. What started as a terrifying moment for Zara and Melissa, turned into an unbelievable experience that will stay with them forever. Because of CARES Zara and Melissa now have more walks and great days!

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More…Porch Sitting

Ricky Ricardo, titled ‘Best Dog in the Universe’ who loves to meet people, is a very social Havanese. His story with CARES began when his general practice veterinarian referred him to CARES for some changes in behavior and abdominal concerns. With a history of stomach issues, the CARES team quickly ran some tests only to find out Ricky Ricardo had a mass on his liver among other things. Thanks to the remarkable care and attention given to Ricky Ricardo from the team at CARES, he made a full recovery and was quickly back to his normal social self. Because of CARES, Ricky Ricardo and his parents, The Sunderlands, now enjoy more great days spent sitting on the porch!

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More…Days Protecting

Maximus, a courageous and intelligent Belgian Malinois. His story with CARES began when he joined the local police force as a K9 Police Officer and partnered up with Officer Snyder. To ensure Maximus can provide the most profound service and protection for his community, the team at CARES donates their time to keep him healthy and strong. With regular visits and an abundance of special attention, Maximus and Officer Snyder continue to be an outstanding part of their community. Because of CARES Maximus and his partner, Officer Snyder now enjoy more great days protecting their community!

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