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Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support offers Support Group Meetings

Are you caring for an AGING, CHRONIC or TERMINALLY ill pet? Or grieving the loss of one? Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support Group Meetings are led by licensed professional counselors who are committed to providing compassionate support for caregivers of aging, chronic and terminally ill pets. Our counseling team will provide a safe, secure, […]


Are home cooked meals the right choice for your pet?

Dog owners – particularly those who have pets diagnosed with cancer – want to provide the best nutrition possible for their pets.  These owners frequently cook home made meals instead of feeding commercial diets.  By doing so, they hope to optimize their pet’s health.  Some dog owners also have concerns about recent dog food recalls.  […]


Keep Your Pets Un-Spooked This Holiday Season

October through December is a time for lots of family celebrations and traditions.  While the holidays can provide a lot of excitement for humans, it can be a bit troublesome for pets.   Here are 4 ways to keep your pets safe through 2013! 1.  Keep all chocolate and raisins out of reach Many households have […]


October Star of the Month at CARES – Sami Fritz-Waibel

Congratulations to Sami Fritz-Waibel, our October Star of the Month! Dedication is an understatement when it comes to Sami. She is completely devoted to her oncology patients and makes their care and well being her top priority at all times. Patients, clients and fellow team members embrace her enthusiasm and passion for her job. Sami’s level […]


Pet Safety At The Beach This Labor Day Weekend

As you head to the beach with your furry friends this Labor Day Weekend,  the Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES) in Langhorne warns of 3 unusual seasonal hazards for dogs (sand impactions, swimmer’s tail and burned paws) along with one very common and sometimes fatal problem: heat stroke. Dr. Suzanne M. Dempsey, […]


Your Dog’s Cough Could Mean Heart Trouble!

Dr. Megan King, Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist at CARES lists the top five coughs, their causes and why heart disease leads the list. Hacking, gagging and honking like a goose. They’re just a few of the coughing sounds that can potentially puzzle concerned dog parents. So, when is a cough serious enough to warrant a […]


May Star of the Month at CARES – Amanda Raboy

Congratulations to Amanda Raboy, our May 2013 Star of the Month at CARES! Amanda came to CARES eager to immerse herself in the challenging, yet rewarding world of emergency medicine. She is very easy-going and adapts to change effortlessly. In her free time, Amanda is always trying to improve her knowledge base by reading numerous […]


Seven Common Signs of Pet Eye Disease

Eyes are sensitive organs and delay in seeking treatment can be the difference between a visual and blind eye. Pet owners should seek prompt veterinary care if their pet shows any of the following non-specific signs of ocular disease: 1.)Squinting: Blinking or squinting is a sign of ocular pain and is seen in a wide range […]


CARES Companion Animal First Aid Course – May 18th

Attention all pet owners!  CARES is hosting a Companion Animal First Aid Course!  This FREE First Aid Course is open to all pet parents and animal lovers and will be taking place at CARES on May 18th, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Light snacks will be provided.


April Star of the Month at CARES – Nancy Waters

Congratulations to Nancy Waters, our April 2013 Star of the Month at CARES! When you hear Nancy’s name, the first thing that comes to mind is her big, genuine smile. She is always ready to laugh.  From the moment she walks in the building she is a delight. She greets everyone and if she doesn’t know […]


Continuing Education

Caring for a pet with cancer: Nutrition
Nutrition plays an important role in a cancer patient’s overall health and fitness. In general,...
Caring for a pet with cancer: Quality of life
Our two primary goals are to give our patients the best possible life quality for as long as we...
Caring for a pet with cancer: How do I know if my pet is in pain?
Admittedly, it’s harder in pets. They can’t tell us what’s wrong, but we can observe...
Two Canine Cancer Clinical Trials Now at CARES
Evaluation of a Novel Adjuvant Therapy for Canine Hemangiosarcoma Patients Treated with...
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