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April Star of the Month at CARES – Nancy Waters


Congratulations to Nancy Waters, our April 2013 Star of the Month at CARES!

When you hear Nancy’s name, the first thing that comes to mind is her big, genuine smile. She is always ready to laugh.  From the moment she walks in the building she is a delight. She greets everyone and if she doesn’t know you, you’ll soon know her.  She is what “customer service” is all about. She greets the clients by opening the door for them and immediately acknowledges the patient. She makes everyone feel at home by offering a listening ear, an empathetic shoulder to lean on or a beverage from the coffee machine.  She never refuses a responsibility and will do all tasks handed to her. She doesn’t grumble or complain no matter how crazy it may be.  She goes above and beyond for the distressed client and even offers her company to them in times of despair. If she can do something for you, she will. She even brings happiness to CARES employees. She will occasionally bring in pizza for everyone, just because. She remembers little things and will ask you about your mom, child, brother, etc.  Even when her shift is over, she will continue to help if it is busy.  She puts the needs of others above her own.  She is a breath of fresh air and a bit of sunshine.  You can never be sad or mad around Nancy.  She just won’t allow it to happen.

Nancy is an avid cat lover. She has a multiple cat household. She often fosters cats and kittens for local rescue groups. She loves working at CARES. While she has been here a short time, she sincerely enjoys her work and everyone that works here, too.   Congratulations Nancy, on being named CARES’ Star of the Month!  We appreciate all you do to make our hospital a “home away from home” for all pet parents and their furry babies!

Nancy Waters  |  Client Service Representative