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A Pet Program to be Thankful For

Ivan is now a healthy and happy kitty at home!

Ivan is a sweet kitty who, shortly after being adopted by a loving home, was diagnosed with a congenital cardiac abnormality called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA).  This is an issue sometimes seen in young animals where a vessel that normally closes at birth, remains open.  With this vessel open, blood does not effectively get to the rest of the body and the pet can develop heart failure and eventually die.  Ivan needed surgery quickly, but his new family was experiencing difficulty coming up with the funds.  They worked hard to fundraise for Ivan, but it wasn’t until his family found CARES and learned about the Pawsitively Caring charitable program, that Ivan got the necessary surgery to repair the vessel.  He is now a healthy, happy kitty at home and his family sent us a letter (from Ivan) expressing their deep gratitude, saying, “They say that cats have nine lives, but I have nine and one guardian angel called CARES.  I am a true believer in destiny and my story is proof that with true love, anything is possible.”

Pawsitively Caring, is a non-profit 501c3 run entirely by CARES volunteers. The purpose is simple: to ensure that dog and cat owners with critical financial need are able to provide lifesaving veterinary care for their pet. The program has raised thousands of dollars to help these families. 100% of proceeds from Pawsitively Caring go directly to help pets in need. There are no administrative costs associated with this charitable fund.

Pawsitively Caring exists because of donations from pet loving community members like you! If you would like to donate to this amazing program, through the Veterinary Care Foundation click here

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